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"Whether you are writing or drawing or otherwise documenting, when you put a pen to paper, you create something out of nothing.  The page is transformed.  It becomes something other, something new.  When someone reads what you've inscribed, they see and hear the things you've described, narrated.  They live the narrative, your narrative.  Your territory become theirs.  Text is a vehicle for empathy.  The fact that we use symbols, soundlessly, to give our experiences, our visions, life in another person's body, to relay not just knowledge but the experience of being human, never ceases to amaze me." 

{Jasmine Dreame Wagner}

{ keen well-trained eye focused on the details, capturing moments through a lens }

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In addition to photography, MP actively works on projects of all kinds; having a core team of "go-to" creative professionals ready to take on any and all of your digital needs. Refer to the key below as you scroll through services.

Offerings Include: Photography (p) | Video (v) | Video Editing (ve) | Animation/Graphics (ag) | Design/Illustration (di) | Copywriting (cw)